SportHorse Massage  LLC
Full Equine Sports Massage Therapy.  Deep tissue targeting 25 muscles on each
side of the horse.  Time runs from one hour for regular customers to one and one half
hours on a new or very sore horse.  All work is done at the horse's pace.  Performed at
your location. PLEASE, for your horse's comfort, have them groomed beforehand.
Massage Therapy For Your Equine Athlete
Other locations quoted based upon distance
and number of horses treated per visit
Two clinics are available for your club or stable group.

How to do a Pre-ride Massage
Learn a basic massage sequence
Minimum of 5 attendees, no maximum, $.25/mile plus $1 per attendee

What to do until the Vet arrives A massage sequence to alleviate the  
       symptoms of colic
Minimum of 5 attendees, Max about 15, $.25/mile plus $2 per attendee

Call to discuss what is required for space and horse "volunteers"
Consider the following

60% of a horse's body weight is muscle

Muscles, damaged or not, do not show up on x-rays

Muscles respond to stress or injury by hyper contraction
This results in unnecessary stress on an opposing joint or muscle

Like us, horses anticipate pain
Their way of going becomes short and choppy resulting in an
uneven gait
One Horse

2-3 Horses

4-5 Horses
All pricing now based on number of horses treated per
barn visit.  Order with your stable mates and save!
Cost Per Horse

Dane County                 Adjacent Counties
  $56 ea.                                $60 ea.

  $53 ea.                                $57 ea.

  $51 ea.                                $54 ea.
Pricing now includes sales tax
The package pricing has
been so popular  with
customers it is now policy
Package of
Three Massages

$48 each

Package of
Four Massages

$43 each

Payable at time
of first massage

Pricing now includes
Sales Tax
Pricing for Dane Co.
Add $3 per visit adjacent