SportHorse Massage  LLC
About Us
To protect you, your horse
and your property I promise
to do the following;

Treat your horse with the
respect due a partner, not a

Sanitize hands between
horses, even at the same

Treat boots with a spray  
disinfectant at least twice
between barns

Maintain business and
professional liability

Continue education

Work at your horse's pace
Massage Therapy For Your Equine Athlete
Detailed records of
every treatment are
kept on each horse
Dressage horses get
extra attention at the
neck, shoulder and
point of hip
Megan McIsaac and No Doubt at Devon
Megan and "Hughy" had an outstanding season in 2007.
Finalists in Freestyle, Dressage at Devon.
4th FEI, Musical Freestyle
WDCTA Champions in Prix St. Georges and I-1.

Along with his size and grace, the big guy is known for
giving out lots of nuzzles during his massage.
"Find a Job You Love and You'll
Never Work a Day In Your Life."
That old saying is very true.  Despite being
physically demanding and suffering through the
occasional kick and nip, I truly love what I do
and look forward to my time with each horse.

Instead of whining when its time to go to work, I
whine if there's no place to go.  (Or is that
whinny?)  Either way, know that I am committed
to giving your companion the best treatment
Trained and Certified by Equissage.  An
accredited school located in Round Hill, Va.

Certificate Course,
Horse Behavior and Welfare
through Michigan State Univ. Extension

Various clinics and seminars in the area
covering massage and well-being